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What was that thing you were supposed to get done? Or perhaps it’s finally time you changed it up and got bangs. Well, there’s that trusty montage of all the embarrassing things you did in middle school. Ah, the gentle sounds of not drifting off to sleep.

By Alyson Shepard.  Thu May 05, 2022


While for some, lying in bed is the best part of the day, for many, it’s a stressful time of tossing and turning, with thoughts like these running through your brain at lightning speed.

While there are ways to help make yourself drowsy, not all of them are healthy (believe it or not, wine isn’t exactly a sleep aid) for your body or your mind.


In honor of Mental Health Awareness month, consider something that will help you quiet your anxious thoughts and send you off to dreamland — Restly is a game-changing app that may just be what you need to get the best sleep of your life.



Your phone doesn’t have to be your “sleep enemy” anymore.

It’s become a vicious cycle: you can’t sleep, so you mindlessly scroll through Instagram on your phone, but this makes you even more awake, causing you to never put the thing down. This happens because screens, whether it be the one on your phone, your TV, or your tablet, emit blue light, which can really mess with your sleep cycle, as your brain can’t figure out if it’s actually time to sleep or not.

Since putting your phone away completely before bed isn’t entirely realistic, let your phone actually aid in your drifting off process, with the Restly Sleep App. The app boasts an incredible library of music, meditations, and more to help you get that much-needed shut-eye, and you don’t have to constantly look at your phone to use it. Just set it next to you, or even across the room, and enjoy your descent into dreamland.


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