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By Srivatsa KR. April 27, 2022.


The author states: “This serial entrepreneur and networking genius offers everything you need to know to jump back into post-pandemic workforce creating more connections than ever.”



The author states how, going back to the office, contacts are key. Specific cases are discussed.


Growing and expanding

“Your network is your net worth,” means that connections may well be your greatest resource. The benefits far exceed those of increased financial assets.

For large and small business owners alike, longevity is a top priority. The key to a long-lasting organisation is finding support through connection with other business owners, especially those with experience who can share insight on the road you are currently walking.


Be a better listener

This may well be the most crucial piece of advice. Listening to the words that someone says to you will tell you far more about their needs, desires, and how to truly connect with them than any other resource.


Invest in yourself and others

An overlooked aspect of networking is personal development. Getting into a room full of professionals where it is of utmost importance that you are engaging, tuned in, and at your best, it quickly becomes apparent that mindset is crucial.

By cultivating personal growth through reading, seminars, and online classes on topics that speak to you and give you a greater understanding of yourself and the world around you, you instantly become magnetic, interesting, and more likely to relate to your business connections on a deeper level.


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