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An initial selection of best-advice videos, for some of those critical moments where decisions have to be made.

Visual information on general-impact critical issues. Improve decision-making on these issues. – To learn more about each topic, click on the title and a description will appear. To see any video, just click on it. Select other videos by navigating the carrousel under the leading image.

00 Main Decisions

Main decisions are those that can make or break our overall life strategy. We need: smart, reality-based decision making; techniques for handling misinformation, and critical analysis; reliable and trusworthy information sources to see things as they are.

70 Win-win Politics

There are two essential attitudes to life. Some believe that, to succeed, we must take from others (“zero sum“). Others work hard to create value. Everything requires patience, and country solutions take more time. A good education system for everyone, and transparent governance are the definitive solutions to win-win politics.

80 World: Climate

Let us get close to each other in difficult times. When a large majority of scientists agree on something, it makes sense to pay attention.  And, caring for our world simply means reducing our footprint: let us damage our planet as little as possible, and work on new technologies to reverse damage.

11 Career Choice

Career Choice is one of those decisions that define our life. We will dedicate thousands of days to the activity we choose.

141 Work from Home

Since Coronavirus, the ability to work from home has become essential to professional survival.

22 Emotional Intelligence

The ability to handle emotions in a constructive way, to enhance, not damage, relationships and productivity in life, is one of the leading factors determine our future happiness.

31 Parenting and Children

Pass the baton. Once you have learned the secrets of life, we can now improve outcomes for our children and all of future generations, a little bit at a time. This is what is achieved through good parenting.

51 Young and Family Health

Essential advice and resources about important health issues.

542 Diabetes

Essential information about preventing, caring and helping others care for their sugar unbalance complications. Diabetes affects hundreds of millions of people of every age, race and condition.