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By Jessica Stillman, contributor at Inc.com@entrylevelrebel, dated May 12, 2022


Ms. Stillman states: “Whether you’re choosing a spouse or a storefront, this math-based trick can help you pick well.

The author then considers how it is very important, for good decision making, to be able to balance “exploration and decisiveness”.

Mathematicians seem to state that, when making a major decision, there is a rule that works. In very short words: Dedicate, at first, 37 percent of your time or effort to make that decision, just putting together the necessary information without making a decision about anything just yet. After that, the trick is completed by choosing the very first option that comes along that improves on all those that you have seen so far.

It certainly may seem strange but, this strangely exact rule has a formula (if you are good at math, you can find a specific description here), and mathematicians state that through this rule, anyone will get the maximum probability of making a good choice, even the best possible choice available. 

This rule only maximizes probabilities. Success is not guaranteed. If you somehow have found a great option, and you feel very confident about a decision you have just made, don’t hesitate and just go ahead with it.

In a nutshell, the suggestion is that we spend about one third of our process conducive to a decision, just putting together the information you need. No more, and no less. This strikes a good balance in your overall process.

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