How it works


READILY-AVAILABLE INFORMATION YOU CAN TRUST relies on information provided by the most popular and reliable sources. For this reason, all over the site and in our tailored services to our clients, we present immediate, and truthful information, when it is most needed.

One good example of this is Cuadrantia- live books. This is a section of going in for deeper and structured analysis on essential topics. Cuadrantia- live books presents direct and reliable answers to statistically-selected frequently asked questions.


How was the information selected?

Cuadrantia was rigorously built, with the particular care of achieving an objective balance of reliable information, selecting:

1.  information to be presented, by means of questions, and

2.  highly-ranked sources of information answering those questions.


Most frequently asked questions in Cuadrantia- live books

These were identified according to Internet statistics, measured by SEO tools, or Search Engine Optimization, used to optimize web pages. See the following charts, generated by tools for range tracking and keyword research:


Information sources

Answers to the questions are represented by the most popular information sources that present specific and effective answers. The most popular sources of information were identified using traffic meters. Amazon Alexa, for example, generated statistics (traffic # 1 is the most popular) combining estimated traffic and visitor interaction for the past three months. Other similar services are and

The following are two statistical tables of traffic and participation for May 29, 2020. The first represents the main sites in general, and the second, news sites.