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The work of creators and business leaders, bringing economic progress and employment opportunities in the Central American region, supporting our region’s flow and transfer of technology, products and services.

Información de Fundación América – versión en español.

Critical Strategic Information Support Systems 

Fundación América, since October 1st, 2022, incorporates into its fundamental vision-aligned projects. improves decision-making when its most needed: family, education, productivity, business, health, society, and our world, particularly for those moments in time presenting unique opportunities to resolve or determine personal and societal life-critical issues.

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Developing a virtuous circle of technology-based productive and sustainable projects in Central America, with a strong sense of care for our planet, bringing together economic development with wide ranging social well-being.

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  • Sustainable development productive projects.
  • Initiatives helping fight poverty and inequality in Central America.
  • Strengthening our region’s flow and transfer of technology, products and services.
  • Generating employment opportunities.

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  • Guatemala’s inter-oceanic dry channel, serving vessels with no tonnage limit. Land ownership and registration of the land under a single administration has been completed. Management teams have been trained. After years of preparation, plans and engineering designs, this project is ready to begin development.
  • IGRIS Technologies, for rapid scanning of every one in millions of containers in transit. This brings zero tolerance for smuggling of prohibited substances and products, substituting random checks now prevalent.
  • Energy generation and energy efficiency technologies, in development.
  • High-impact strategic information support projects (, other).

Taking place now

High-impact strategic information support projects

How is a donation made?
   Donations can be made through transfers and/or deposits to Fundación América accounts in Guatemala and from the United States; monthly automatic debit from your credit card, or by check.

Is the donation tax deductible?
   Yes, after making your donation we will send the corresponding receipt that is tax deductible.

What other benefit do I get by donating?
   In addition to supporting one or more of our projects, depending on the amount of your donation, the brand of your company or your name appears in the different publications of the foundation.

Do you have a minimum amount to make donations?
   There is no minimum amount. All your contributions are valuable to support the objectives of Fundación América.

What motivates me to donate to Fundación América?
   With his donation, we are currently focusing on the strategic information support project, a system to improve decision-making at critical, determinant junctures.

Can I choose the destination of my donation?
   Yes, you can choose other specific Fundación América project as direct beneficiary of your donation.

More information

Can a donation be made as a gift to a third party or in memory of a person?
Yes, please indicate it at the time of making your donation and from Fundación América we will send an acknowledgment to the person or family indicated.

Can I make donations in species?
Yes, by requesting out the “Form for donation in species” for Fundación América to inform what you are interested in donating and following the accounting procedure for the expenditure, income and destination of the donation.

By what means do I receive the donation receipt?
The receipt will be sent electronically and/or physically to the address you indicate.

Can the donation be anonymous?
We accept donations according to the regulations of our country.

Law against laundering of money or other assets (Spanish language)
Money laundering law decree 67-2001
Money laundering regulations act 118-2002

Terrorism Law (Spanish language)
Law against terrorism financing 2005
Terrorism regulations act 86-2006

Who is

Name: Fundación América

Legal Representative: Sergio Manuel Zambrano Palma, inscrito el 21 de marzo de 1997.

Executive President: Julio Antonio Flores González

Address and contact information: PENDING

Entity established in: Guatemala

Established through: public deed of incorporation number 229, dated June 6, 1990, and modifications to public deed number 357, dated September 8, 1990, both authorized in Guatemala City by notary Benjamín Rivas Baratto.
Registered in the Civil Registry of Guatemala City, book 43, page 87, item 044 dated May 6, 1991.

Authorized through government decree by the President of the Republic of Guatemala, Antonio Serrano Elías, with signature by the Minister of the Interior, Ricardo Méndez Ruiz Rosmhoser. This is decree number 80-91 dated January 30, 1991, confirming the following:

That “Fundación América” has been constituted in accordance with the law, for which its operation is approved and its legal personality is recognized. Fundación América’s operations are thus approved, and it will be governed by the rules contained in its public deeds of incorporation. The foundation’s legal personality is recognized. And, the Public Ministry will monitor that the Foundation’s assets be used according to their stated destination.

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  • Guatemala’s inter-oceanic dry channel
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