How important decisions are made

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By: Srinivas Rao. Linkedin, dated September 3, 2020.



Mr. Rao considers the following quotes by David Brooks and Annie Duke:


The paradox of life is that people seem to deliberate more carefully over little choices than the big ones. Before buying a car, they read all the ratings, check out resale values on the internet, and so on. 

But when it comes to choosing a vocation, they just sort of slide rather than decide. They slide incrementally into a career because someone gave them a job. They marry the person whom they happen to be living with.

 — David Brooks, The Second Mountain


What makes a decision great is that not it has a great outcome. A great decision is the result of a good process, and that process must include an attempt to accurately represent our own state of knowledge.

 — Annie Duke


It’s a mistake to simply accept the received ideas of the world around you. 

You have to come up with your own values, your own worldview.

 — David Brooks, The Second Mountain


When reading the full article, we find out that we should first develop our own choices since then they will determine our decisions, as follows:

  1. Values: status values, character values, faith values
  2. Friendship / social circles: reciprocity and intentionality
  3. Environment: where you are and who you are with
  4. Careers: curiosity vs career paths, prestige vs responsibility, your first boss 


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