1. Mexico strategies

Mexico, officially the United Mexican States, is a country in the southern portion of North America.

There are only very few countries in the world that show more promise and beauty. It is certainly a country to admire.

Mexico is a country with a rich cultural heritage and dynamic and highly entrepreneurial people. Its economic development is impressive, and it is rapidly moving towards first-world status: it is now an important country in the world, and its economy is growing fast.

However, challenges still remain, such as the issue of inequality. Education for all and transparent governance are key to achieving lasting change in Mexico.


References: Country cases where national plans were followed to achieve social transformation.

Norway is a parliamentary democracy that has made significant strides in social and economic development through sustained national policies. One of its most notable achievements is its strong welfare system, which was built in the mid-20th century and has been further developed over time to provide universal healthcare, education, and social security. This system has been in place since the 1930s and has helped Norway become one of the most prosperous and egalitarian societies in the world.

Japan is a constitutional monarchy that has achieved remarkable social and economic development through sustained national policies. After World War II, Japan implemented a series of policies that focused on modernizing its economy and improving its infrastructure. These policies led to the creation of a highly skilled workforce, a world-class manufacturing sector, and a modern transportation system. The period of rapid economic growth in Japan was between the 1950s and the 1970s.


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